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VERSE: 1 John 4:19


VISION: Know God’s Love

MISSION: Show God’s Love

GOAL: Partner with Parents

VALUES: Unity and Creativity





We use an automated secure computerized check-in system for all children’s ministry classes. If you would like to pre-register your family prior to visiting Maranatha, please click here.


The nursery volunteers provide loving care and guide spiritual formation for our very youngest ones. The nursery schedule typically includes welcome time, free play, table activities, music, and snack time.

The adult volunteer-to-child ratio is 1 to 2. Snacks are served to our crawlers and walkers: Cheerios in small spill-proof cups for self-feeding. Bottles are given if they are left for the child by the parents. In addition, diapers may be changed at some point during the service.


Each classroom follows a schedule and curriculum which include welcome time, worship music and movement, short Bible verses, interactive Bible lessons, activities, crafts, and snack time.

The volunteer-to-child ratio is 1 to 4 or 1 to 6, depending on the age of the children in the classroom. Snacks and water are provided in small paper disposable cups. Snack options include a variety of crackers. Parents can provide their own snack alternatives if their child has special dietary needs.


Kindergarten to 3rd Grade is built for kids to grow in the Lord. It is full of fun and interactive stations for kids to meet with the Lord at their level. Your children will experience church in two unique fazes. First, they will enjoy fun games, interactive worship, an live skits as one big group. Then they will split up according to grade level and learn the Bible lesson at their level.
They will learn how to pray together and fellowship in small groups and then reinforce the lesson with a craft. We encourage parents to fellowship with one another and get to know their teachers after the service as we welcome you in to be a part of what the Lord is doing.
4th and 5th graders meet upstairs in room, C202. They will have lots of fun and be excited to learn with our volunteers through worship, Bible studies, small groups, and games. They will learn to relate their faith to reality and build their relationship with God and others.
Be sure to get them plugged into our Wednesday night youth night’s at 7pm.


The Special Needs program provides a safe, loving, and Christ-centered environment tailored to each participant’s abilities and needs. The volunteer-to-participant ratio is 1 to 1. Due to the varying dietary restrictions of a number of the participants in our classroom, snack is not served.

The Special Needs classroom is open only on Sunday at 10:30am during 2nd service in room, S116-S117


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