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If you have been searching for a great new study for your group, it’s here!

We will be starting a new Church-Wide study on “The Feasts of the Lord” this September. At the same time that we start, Pastor Ray will be celebrating the Fall feasts beginning with the “Feast of Trumpets!” What a perfect time to start our study on the Feasts of the Lord!

We will be studying both the Jewish Old Testament aspect of the feasts and the New Testament fulfillment as well as how the Jewish people celebrate these feasts today and what we can learn from our Hebrew Roots. This study is designed to be “Plug n Play.”  The teaching is on the DVD, and the discussion questions are in your guide. The six sessions are:

  1. Sabbath – The Sabbath was made for man and points to our ultimate rest in Messiah.
  2. Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits –these Spring Feasts all point to Christ’s first coming in detail.
  3. Pentecost – Commemorates the giving of the Law and outpouring of the Spirit.
  4. Trumpets – The Beginning of the Civil New Year
  5. Atonement – The Day the High Priest Makes Atonement for Sin.
  6. Tabernacles – Commemorates the Forty Year Wilderness Journey.

As you can see, it will be an active month, but it will be very fruitful and blessed as we study Gods word together on His Feasts. We encourage all Growth Groups to participate in this exciting study in September. Please email us at growthgroups@maranathachapel.org if you have any further questions.


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