The goal and mission of our program is reaching, teaching, and keeping boys for Jesus Christ. In this program the kids and the leaders meet at the church once a week during the Wednesday evening service.

The program has some similarities to a Boy Scout program, but there is a stronger Biblical focus in this program.

The kids will have opportunities to go on:

  • Camping Trips
  • Fishing Trips
  • Learn Knot Tieing
  • Campfire Safety
  • BB Gun Shooting
  • Archery

and many other fun things for the boys.

It's a great opportunity for the young boys to get mentored and discipled by some of the Godly men at the church.

It's also a great place for some of the men of the church who are looking for a place where they can be used in ministry.

We don't primarily focus on scripture memorization. We focus on the life application of biblical teaching. Commander John puts this best, "We teach the boys First Aid and First Corinthians." Boys have the opportunity to not only earn merits equivalent to an Eagle Scout in outdoor skills, but also an education in the Bible that is second to none. Our goal is to prepare the boys to be Christ-centered men who are not afraid to have good morals and good direction. God willing our program will succeed as we move forward in the future, the sky really is the limit!

There is of course always a complete background check of all of the volunteers and staff who work in all of our ministries.

For more information, please send us an email:


We use an automated secure computerized check in system for all children’s ministry classes.

Ranger Kids
Grades K, 1, and 2

Ranger Kids

Ranger Kids introduces boys to the great outdoors through a non-camping program that encourages indoor and outdoor field trips and day camps.

The quarterly advancement patches lead to the yearly trail awards of the , Wolverine, and Cougar. These trails feature exciting crafts and skills, advancement activities, Bible memory verses, and many opportunities for boys to grow and mature. Official Ranger Kids Website

The Ranger Kids description is excerpt from Royal Rangers Doorway to Action & Adventure for Boys brochure.

Discovery Rangers
Grades 3, 4, and 5

Discovery Rangers

Discovery Rangers will experience a variety of indoor and outdoor activities and events that include an introduction to camping.

The Discovery advancement trails introduces boys to a skill and Bible merit advancement system which leads to their highest award; the Gold Eagle. The boys also have the opportunity to attend training camps to develop leadership skills. Official Discovery Rangers Website

Discovery Rangers description is excerpt from Royal Rangers Doorway to Action & Adventure for Boys brochure.

Adventure Rangers
Grades 6, 7, and 8

Adventure Rangers

Adventure Rangers will continue to participate in indoor and outdoor activities which will include camping and non-camping activities, personal and life skills development, advance camping, Junior Leadership Training, and an opportunity to become part of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF).

The Adventure Rangers merit-based advancement trail culminates with the Gold Medal of Achievement - the highest aware a boy can earn. Official Adventure Rangers Website

Adventure Rangers description is excerpt from Royal Rangers Doorway to Action & Adventure for Boys brochure.

Expedition Rangers
Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12

Expedition Rangers

Expedition Rangers are provided advanced opportunities for personal growth and skill development through four advancement trail options:

  • Air/Sea/Trail Rangers and High Action Rangers
  • Junior Leadership
  • Ministry and Christian Service
  • Xtreme Outdoor Sports and Activities

Spiritual growth is emphasized through the "Spirit Challenge" lessons which assist young men to mature into men of God and to apply spiritual truths to their every day lives. Official Expedition Rangers Website

Expedition Rangers description is excerpt from Royal Rangers Doorway to Action & Adventure for Boys brochure.


Outpost 95

Suggested camping gear list (Pack in a small duffle bag or backpack) (Be sure to have your Ranger’s name on all their clothing and items)


  • Blue jeans or trousers
  • Shorts (depending on season)
  • Royal Ranger t-shirt (preferred) or other T-shirts (3-4)
  • Sweatshirt or jacket (consider location of camp and season)
  • Cap or hat
  • Socks (3-4 pair)
  • Underwear (3 pair)
  • Swim trunks (if specified)
  • WATER SHOES (if specified)
  • PJ’s or sweats for sleeping
  • RR Uniform (for council fire meeting – DISTRICT CAMPS ONLY)
  • Sturdy walking shoes



  • Toothbrush / tooth paste
  • Soap
  • Towel
  • Sun screen
  • Bug spray / lotion
  • Sleeping bag (may be separate from duffle or backpack)
  • Pillow – small (optional)
  • Mat / pad (optional but recommended)
  • Flashlight (extra batteries and extra bulb)
  • Note pad and pencil or pen
  • Bible
  • Ranger Workbook (if specified by commander before campout)
  • Ranger handbook (optional)
  • WATERBOTTLE very important for hydration.

The following items are NOT allowed:

  • Knives or axes
  • Radios, gameboys, I–PODS or other electronics
  • Matches, fireworks

If your Ranger returns from a campout with unused items, please consider if the items are really necessary for the next trip. Try to pack light.