On February 1 the staff and congregation of Maranatha Chapel will begin a 40-Day Fast and we would like to invite you to join us.

During the 40 days, I encourage you to go to “higher ground.” Find a local mountain, a view from the top of a building, or the hill behind your house. Go to higher ground and pray, asking God to manifest His presence over all that you see.

Praying and fasting is a biblical practice that gives us the opportunity to focus on the Lord and to find extra time and energy to pray and hear God’s voice and experience His presence.

Pastor Ray suggests that you pray for three things:
  • - Pray to experience the presence of God.
  • - Ask God to bring down strongholds and break the idols in your life —anything that would hold back God’s outpouring of blessings.
  • - Revival! Just as we, in southern California, have experienced a deluge of wonderful rain, blessings in the natural world, may His blessing downpour and overflow in our lives!

We recognize that fasting is an individual, personal time between you and the Lord. Choose the fast that is best for you. While fasting means abstaining from food for most people, it can also be abstaining from something else to give you deeper time in prayer and fellowship with the Lord. Not everyone can fast from food, but if you give up something in order to focus on the Lord, that can be a meaningful fast. St. Augustine recognized this when he wrote, “If you are not able to keep a fast today, at least partake of food with moderation.”